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    Unanswered: DB2 client to access DB2 UDB 8.1 running on windows

    hi friends,

    i need to access DB2 UDB8.1 running on a windows machine from a remote windows machine(both are in the same network). i don't want to install the complete DB2 server in the remote machine. is there any DB2 client available to access the database from a remote machine ?? oracle and sql server are providing separate client package. i could not find such thing for db2 in the net. can anyone please direct me where i can find the information and possibly the download page.

    Appreciate your help.

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    DB2 client packages are available on DB2 support pages:

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    If you are a DBA or developer, you want the Adminstration or Development Client (inculdes everything the Administration client has, and some development stuff).

    If you will only be using a query tool, the run-time client is sufficient.
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    SQL3269N The LDAP server is not available.

    hi friends,

    thanks for the link and clarification... i just want to install the runtime client on the remote machine... now i have another query...

    i installed the runtime client... now i have to connect to some remote DB2 server, right... after searching the net, i found that i have to export the DB2 configuration in a file and import it in the client machine, so that runtime client will know which machine it has to connect..
    i executed "db2cfexp <filename>" command to export the DB2 configuration on the server side and
    "db2cfimp <filename>" command to import the DB2 configuration information on the clinet side

    now i tried to connect to sample database... it says
    "SQL3269N The LDAP server is not available."

    Then i found that DB2 client is actually using LDAP to locate the server machine, and DB2LDAPHOST property has to be set in the client machine to point the ldap server name and the port number ..

    i executed "db2set DB2LDAPHOST=<hostname>:<port-no>"
    it always throws me
    "The instruction at <memory address> referenced the memory at <memory address>. The memory could not be read."

    i think this may be a bug... since i could not succeed in connection, i don't know whether the direction i'm proceeding to make the runtime client connect to the server is correct or not...

    please comment about the procedure i'm following if u have already succeeded in connecting to the remote server from a remote runtime client.

    Appreciate your help.


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    LDAP provides a cental repository for all the information, you don't need that facility if you can ping the server machine from the client.

    1. ping the server machine.

    2. get the service name or port generally it is 50000, but you can check it

    by running

    get dbm cfg at the server machine and find the srvname

    3. at the client

    catalog the node(server machine)

    for complete commmand

    use db2 "? catalog"

    4. catalog the database using the previous node

    another easy method are using ca gui tools and using discovery.



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