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    Unanswered: Report control formatting.

    I have a report with multiple text controls, each set to auto-grow. I want the end result to look like a spreadsheet with all the cells in a row being the same height.

    How can I achieve this effect?

    I've tried putting borders on all the cells and then setting their heights in the onformat and onretreat events, but Access does not seem to know the height to which it has set the row after growing the controls.

    I've also tried removing control borders and adding verticle lines in the detail section, but I run into the same problem trying to dynamically set the lines' heights.

    Is there another (any) way to do this?

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    No, not really.

    Once a row has been printed, you can't alter any of it's attributes. Since Access has no clue how large the "biggest" field is going to be until it starts cycling through the records, it can't make them all the same size.
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