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    Unanswered: Help with Access 2.0 (editing data with forms and queries)

    I am new at Access so please bear with me......

    I was wondering if there is anyway that I can set up a Form that can delete, edit and add records from just that one record. What I want to be able to select a subcontractors name or a project number from a combo box by clicking on it and then either, 1) imput new information about that sub or project, 2) edit the information and save it or 3) delete the information. I have been trying to do query by form but I dont understand it.

    The way I have my form set up now is that when the combo box or project number is changed, it automatically goes to a new record so I can enter new data. I have a control button going to a delete query that will delete the record when I enter the subs name or project number. I also have an "edit button" but it pulls all the information from the query and not "popping" the information into the form like I want it to.

    I am using Access 2.0 (prehistoric). If anybody can help me, please because I am so lost. Please help, any suggestions are appreciated


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    1) get access 97 or better. or suffer with my (our) advise from the latest:
    Think of a form as a query; it has a record source and filter. Perhaps, in the detail section show most pertinent data as . In the form header put your combo boxes. Now, using a command button make some code to "do" what you want. ie-- first button would filter the data in the detail section. Set the form to continuous so you see all the records at once. See help on the docmd command for all the things you could "do". Other buttons in the detail section could edit/delete that record. It is a quick guide or point in a direction.

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