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    Unanswered: How to stop New Record on Next Record on form?

    Here's the problem...

    I have a form in Access 2003 pulling from a table with an autonumber field and a date field with a default value. I want to make it so that until more fields are filled in on the form, it is impossible to create a new record. I know it is possible in Access 2000 or 97, since the form I updated in that format had the New Record button on the navigation bars disabled until data was put into the new record. I compared my form to the past form and everything appears to be the same. This option would be very helpful to have since if the mousewheel is moved, you could possibly create five new records without knowing it. Is there some VB code I can link to an event to accomplish this? Please advise... Thanks!

    On another note, the autonumber field on the old form showed "(autonumber)" in the field until data is entered in another field whereas with 2003, it automatically puts a number in the field before data is entered. Is there an option somewhere to change that or am I stuck with it?

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    more info please

    If you want send me a print screen of the form to understand it better. Then it probably will be very easy to solve.


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    Hi vbbeginner

    I am not familiar with Access 2003, but I assume that forms still have a Before Update event.

    If so, then you could write an data validation procedure to check all required fields have valid data in them and, if not, abort (Cancel=True) the update and move focus to the offending control !. My be that is too simple.


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