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    Unanswered: Import Spreadsheet Wizard - can't change field type in Field Options

    I'm importing Excel 2000 spreadsheets into Access 2000.
    I use:

    File -> Get External Data -> Import...

    which (after selecting the Excel file) brings up the
    Import Spreadsheet Wizard. After specifying that
    the first row contains column headings and I want
    to store in a new table, I get the "Field Options" screen
    which says I can specify the data type of each field
    by clicking on the sample input columns, but the data type
    text box in "Field Options" always remains grayed out, even
    though "Field Name" and "Indexed" accept user input. It
    guesses "Double" based on the first value in that column, which fails
    further down due to text values.

    Has anyone encounter this problem and discovered a solution?????

    Any help is greatly appreciated...

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    open the XLS in excel save as .CSV and then import the .CSV
    stupid, simple, works!

    otherwise attack the XLS directly from code...
    smart, complicated, works, but too long to explain on a sunday!

    ...i could also imagine driving excel from A and causing excel to save as .CSV and then import (but i didn't try it so far).

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    Thank you Izy, it works...

    Thanks Izy, for sacrificing your Sunday to find me a quick,
    simple solution. Converting to csv first does change the
    Import Wizard's stubborn behavior (it allows type changes
    on the import fields). Why? I guess that's another question
    for next Sunday.


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