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    Unanswered: Table Links Not Linking All Data

    I have an application that requires the user to enter last name first name in a text box which then uses a short VB to run a Select statement to verify that the user is in the employee table.

    Once verified the user name is carried over from the login form to a second entry form and populates the employee name into a text box on that form. I use Default Value in the form =[Forms]![Login]![Text0] to get the login name moved into the form. So far so good.

    My table that I am writing to is linked, meaning I have a separated the tables from the forms, macros, etc., to another Access DB. After entering additional data to that second entry screen I click the right arrow and my data is entered except for the user name which is blank.

    Here is the kicker. When I look up the data entered in the linked table the user name appears to have written to that table. When I actually look up the data in the actual table itself, the user name is not there.

    Any help would really be nice....I am spinning my tires....

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    There is something else wrong. Linked tables are just shortcuts to the main table. They DONOT hold data. Try closing Access and reopening it and then see if the user name is visible in the linked table and not in the actual table.

    Post your results then.

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