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    Unanswered: Linked, network-based .jpg images print intermittently

    My MSAccess reports include jpg photographs. The images are on a network, and the photos are linked into the tables. The images always show correctly in the on-screen report preview, but fairly often, one or more of a report’s photos does not actually print: an empty space appears in place of the photo, and the report otherwise prints correctly. Try again, and the photo might print correctly. The problem can occur whether printing to a printer, or to a pdf file. I’ve experienced the problem on a computer running Access 2000 and another running Access 2003, but both otherwise running the same database on the same network. The image file size does not seem to have an affect – it happened with a file of over 2mb and another of under 300K. It has not happened when the photos were stored on the local computer.

    Clue? I notice that MSAccess displays the progress bar for each image when it generates the report preview, and does it again when it re-generates(?) the report for the printer. The problem would occur on this second importing of the image.

    Any ideas?
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    you can get some strange report effects with slow PCs (or slow/busy LANs if the report needs stuff off the LAN).

    i have not experienced this with .JPG ...probably because i have never included .JPGs in a report, but i have had similar "random" things occur with msgraf.

    with msgraf the trick is to buy a faster computer or to sprinkle some doevents() in your code to allow a steam-driven CPU to catch up. my 300 MHz portable needs 1000 calls to doevents() between each report to let msgraf catch up. my 1.4 GHz needs zero!

    currently using SS 2008R2

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