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    Unanswered: Crosstab Sorting Order

    i have a crosstab query running, i then query this crosstab to obtain the layout i require.

    i was getting results as shown below:

    my months were displayed as 01/01/04 for Jan 04, etc i just need Jan 04 to be displayed as the data is for the whole month....

    i have discovered if i use

    PIVOT Format([DateField],"mmm/yy");

    this will do what i want, except for one thing

    the months are displayed in the wrong order...

    they appear like:

    April, Feb, Jan,Jul, jun, mar, may

    these are obviously being sorted in alphbetical order, can this be changed to sort by months as they should be

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    Try using the In() part of the crosstab .... Its far from perfect but it works...


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    Do not sort on the Field where you use "Format"...
    Add and sort by the original Date field and if you do not need the date field, just make sure it doesn't appear in the results...

    Good Luck

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