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    Unanswered: timer

    I'm trying to read data from the LPT port.Thae number that I get I'll display in a text box.
    the reading from the LPT I have done.
    My problem is: the number in the LPT maybe changed in each time.
    I want to read from the LPT by timer.the external device will write to the LPT each time, but I will read the number let's say every 0.5 sec.
    How I can read by a loop and a timer. first I tried with endless loop,but the computer entered to freezing.
    please help me...
    best regards.

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    I know theres an event that is called OnTimer or OnTime. I assume you know the coding to make it read. So just make it connect every 0.5 seconds...Remember OnTimer is on miliseconds...

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