Just wondering what would be the best way to enter images to a blob column in an oracle database from a Forms 6i application running on the web?
The application is pretty much a helpdesk application where the users can submit problems and attach a screenshot image through their side of the application and the IT staff can see the problem and view the image in their side.
Because some client/server features of Forms 6i won't work when it's being run in web mode, what I had come up with was to copy the image from the user's local drive to the application server using a Java bean and then insert the image into the database using the DBMS_LOB interface.
Firstly, will this way work? Secondly, are there better ways to do it? And lastly, will there be any problems viewing the image in the IT staff side of the application (or possible downloading it to their local drive) due to features that don't work in web mode?
The version of Forms is 6i and its being run in web mode, I'm not sure what version of Oracle we are running on the databse.