Hi ,

I am using MyOLEDB provider ver.3.0 and mysql 4.0 db.

We use ASP as front end and use ADODB object to connect to db.
connect string is

Provider=MySqlProv3.0;location=localhost;Data Source=<db name>;User ID=<userid>;Password=<password;

when i connect to the mysql db using connection object and execute statment like insert into test values('sa<chk>assd')

when I go to the db and check it is inserted as sa < chk > assd
so it puts one space before and after < or > symbol into the db.
I checked inserting the same from the mysql db and it works fine.
So this is a bug with the provider.

Is this bug fixed or is there any patch to fix this or is there any other driver I can use to connect to mysql db.
I was using myodbc 3.51.8 driver,here the recordset.recordcount gives -1 even though there are records.
So I dont want to use this myodbc driver,if you have any other solution pl. inform me.