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    Question Unanswered: Delphi & Foxpro database

    Need help trying to figure out why I cannot use a query (TQuery) in which I'm querying two databases. I get the error: "Operation could not be completed. File or directory does not exist. C:\App\PDOXUSRS.LCK C:\App\PARADOX.LCK'

    No DatabaseName is specified in the Tquery property because it's using two databases. Tables in query are a foxpro table and a sybase table.

    This query used to work and one day it just stopped. Any solutions?
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    It sounds like you are using Paradox through the BDE. First thing to do is to do a search on your C: drive for all files that end with *.LCK and delete them. These are record lock files which should be automatically created and delted when you open a live connection to a table. It shounds like the app crashed and did not clean up its locks.

    Second step, go into the BDE Admin and switch tabs to the Configuration tab. Then expand the Configuration tree, then the Drivers tree, then the Native TRee, and finally the Paradox driver. Look at it's "Net Dir" and make sure it is pointing to a directory that exists and has full rights to. It sounds like it may be pointed to c:\apps\, which does not exist on your c: drive. If this app is run accross a network then you will need to change it to a common drive that every one has access to like X:\APPS\PARADOX.

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