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    Exclamation Unanswered: flow chart in FMP7

    Hi guys!!

    Im a neebe in FMP7 and I've got to build a DB that will work like a flow chart.

    How to build a flow chart structure in FMP 7. How do you create table, relationships, fields, etc..

    Where do I start??

    Any help is very much appriciated..


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    RE: How do you create table, relationships, fields, etc..

    Howdy... I don't have FM7 (which has some significant changes, such as table creation), but FileMaker Pro should be pretty straight forward and easy. In FM pre-7, each db was a table and you could define fields and define relationships from the FILE menu. IMO, FileMaker is more layout based than table-based, i.e. it is designed to work as fields and records more than columns and rows such that a typical "record" will take an entire page and have fields scattered throughout... much like a form. FM can also work as tables, of course, if that is easier for you.

    FileMaker also allows you to create scripts that can automate many end-user or administrative tasks. Scripts can even be attached to graphical buttons to make execution easier and in the GUI.

    I am uncertain as to what you mean by a flow chart, but I'm sure you'll find FileMaker easy to work with as you go. I think if you just get started you'll find how easy it is to get the basics. Create your db, define fields, define relationships, make layouts in layout mode, and then test in browse mode. FileMaker allows you to create and format your data and structures very easily. I even think it's fun.

    Good luck!

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    When you say flow chart there are several things that jump into my head, but let's just stick with the idea that first stuck my head. A flow chart is nothing more than a bunch of records. Each record has a shape depending what type of item it is and there is one or more 'boxes' conected to it.

    In database terms we are going to say that for any record, we are going to allow a one to many relationship, so that any one record may have records associated with it.

    This could be done with two fields. One called ID, which is a unique serial number, and another called PreviuosID. Any 'record' may relate to another with this ParentID key field. In FMP7 you would need to display a Table Occurance to create this realtionship.

    You would then use button ans scripts to navigate through your data-based model. This type of structure is common for workflow control systems...

    Hope this helps....

    Joe King
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