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    Unanswered: DTS FTP Task "Unable to connect to internet"

    I created a DTS FTP task to connect to an FTP site. The problem I'm having is the folder I want to access you cannot see under the Files Tab. So if I put the ftp site/subdirectory in the FTP Site box, I get the error "Unable to connect to internet! Please check the source site information, your username and password"

    If I go to the FTP site/subdirectory in IE all the files show up fine. I believe this is limitation of DTS, but I would like to hear from you all first.

    To see what error I'm talking about:
    Create a DTS FTP task
    Use: with no username or password
    Click the Files Tab

    Normally you can just put the server name in, and see all the folders/files, but the way my FTP site is set up I cannot see the folder I want, I can only access it.

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    What do you see in the Address field of the browser when you click on this site? Something like this?


    If this is the case then that's the reason why you can see files and folders using your browser vs. DTS package designer.

    You NEED to specify user_id and password to access FTP sites unless they are set up to allow anonymous access.

    Exception to it would be a setting on an FTP site where browsing is not allowed while accessing a specific file is. Consult with the FTP site admin.
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