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    Red face Unanswered: Subreports

    I have three tables wich I need to make one report from.

    -MainID (PK)

    -MaterialNum (PK)
    -MainID (FK)

    -MaterialDispNum (PK)


    TblMain.MainID -> One to Many -> tblMaterial.MainID
    tblMaterial.MaterialNum-> One to Many-> tblMaterialDisp.MaterialNum

    Since there is a one to many relationship between these tables, I want a summary report which lists all the information in tblMain. Then all the related information in tblMaterial. And lasts, all the related information from tblMaterialDisp.

    I tried using Subreports, but cannot make it to work. If I would use subreports I would need two layers of reports. One report for tblMaterialDisp in the report for TblMaterial. Then another subreport in tblMain.

    I guess if I could have two layers of subreports it would fix this issue. Can I get that to work?

    Can anyone help me figure this out.

    Thank you

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    I must be very confused. I figured it out!!!!

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