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    Unanswered: SQL server equivalent

    I have 2 SQL statements in Visual Basic(with sybase as backend)
    1) "set option DBA.MAX_STATEMENT_COUNT = 1069999900"
    2) "set option DBA.MAX_CURSOR_COUNT = 1069999900"

    And when I migrated the DB from Sybase to SQL server and try to run the vb code it is giving me error in that SQL statement as MS SQL server might not be recognising the above two statements. Is there an equivalent of this in SQL server.

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    Why do you need these statements even in Sybase? The default for both settings is 50. I'd understand that the first one needs to be set because you may want to access more that 50 resources during the life of your connection. But cursors? Can't you configure those values on a database or server level in Sybase and remove control over it from your front-end? Besides, the ability to set those options is given to user with DBA permissions. Is your app requiring every user that runs it to have that level of permissions?
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