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    Question Unanswered: Help needed with bcp

    I need to export a fixed number of fields from different(multiple) Sybase tables and write it as a formatted string to an ASCII file.

    Can i use bcp for this??

    Will it represent NULL correctly??

    I'm thinking bcp so that dataserver wont be loaded while i do my processing.

    Do i need to bcp out each table individually or is there a way i can combine fields from all the tables and bcp out to a single file???

    Do i need to write a separate 'c' program to parse through the bcp output and create a string or is there an easier way to do it.

    For example,

    there are two fields : Name(from table 'customer') & Phone number(from table 'custinfo')

    But my text file needs to have it in the format


    Please suggest a way to do this.

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    You need to BCP out individual tables and then you have to load them indvidually. The best way to do this is to create a join between two related tables and insert the data. OR Instead of using create table and then populating data, use select into <tablename>.


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    You can create a view from the required select stmt and bcp out from the view


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    \202^B and \202^B^D

    In the bcp output file , the NULL values are not getting displayed.
    Is there a way i can make it have NULL values also for my parsing program to recognise.

    I also see a lot of "\202^B" and "\202^B^D"

    why do these values occur?

    I saw them after a lot of blank spaces where NULL should have been.

    Please help!!

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    not displayed values

    The above "\202^B" values are some values stored in fields not displayed by 'isql'

    I also found that bcp supports the option "-t" to get a delimiter between fields.

    This will be helpful for the parser program to recognise the NULL's.

    Thanks a lot for the help guys!!

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