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    Unanswered: Report Footer Totals for independent fields

    I have this report with calculation fields in it and i want the som of this fields in the footer. Sum([calcfield]) doens't workt even if this is the wright name of the field. The calculation happens in the report and not in the query.


    var1-------coef-------total =var1*coeff
    10---------5----------shows 50
    20---------2----------shows 40
    Report Footer
    =sum(var1) =sum(coef) =sum(total)
    shows 30-- shows 7--- shows ????

    Is there any way to make total kind of pulic so i can use the values in it even in the report footer without putting it in a query?

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    You will have to put your equation in the query. That is the only way I got it to work. I used your data that you supplied. I created an equation in the query called Total and then the report was able to do the sum at the bottom against the Total field.

    I think the reason it did not sum before is beacue the field is an equation itself, not actual data.

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