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    Unanswered: Tablespace offline

    We have a situation where a tablespace is at 100% capacity and the database was taken down. Now the tablespace is in an offline state. What is the best way to get the tablespace back online? Can I delete a table that is in this tablespace, even with it being offline?

    Also, I tried to alter the tablespace online, but got SQL0980C A disk error occured. Is this because the tablespace is at 100% or could it be a hardware problem?

    Thanks In Advance

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    A table space is in this state if there is a problem with one or more of its containers. A container might be inadvertently renamed, moved, or damaged. After the problem has been rectified, and the containers that are associated with the table space are accessible again, this abnormal state can be removed by disconnecting all applications from the database and then reconnecting to the database. Alternatively, you can issue an ALTER TABLESPACE statement, specifying the SWITCH ONLINE clause, to remove the Offline and Not Accessible state from the table space without disconnecting other applications from the database

    use db2tbst 0x4000


    list tablespaces show detail

    I don't think that a container full will make a table offline(inaccessible).

    if it has container problem , then check whether your database is in logretain
    mode. use db2 get db cfg for <database_name>

    also check what type of tablespace is this, if this is SMS then check its mount point.
    if that file system is full in aix you can extend it other file systems like veritas
    also provide that facility.
    If your tablespace is SMS you can not add more containers. infact in offline tablespace you cann't add another container because there is 1 extent added to the tablespace for each container that you add, apart from the size of the containers and dropping a table is also not possible.

    also in SMS

    Container Type = Path
    Total Pages in Container = 694
    Usable Pages in Container =694

    so the only way of knowing that your container is full is the file system is full.
    in SMS if one container is full then that tablespace is consider full , even if the other container has space.

    you can do redirect restore in SMS at that time you can add more containers.
    But I think that is container full don't make a tablespace offline.



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