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    Cool Unanswered: Converting images

    Hello everyone First time posting here hope you don't mind. Ok here goes I found this script and was woundering how would one get it running? I am new to Image magick so I don't really know how to install modules here is a txt file if you would like to take a look..Thank you for any help you can give me

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    what OS are you using? Here is how to do it on Unix.

    ImageMagick Unix Installation



    Platform specific notes regarding specific operating systems may be found in the Platforms.txt file. This document provides generic instructions which work in most common cases. Additional notes regarding Cygwin & MinGW are provided later in this file.


    gzip -dc ImageMagick-6.0.2.tar.gz | tar xvf -
    cd ImageMagick-6.0.2

    If you do not have gzip(1), the source for the gzip package is available as a shell archive at

    or as a tar archive at

    Use the 'configure' script to automatically configure, build, and install ImageMagick. The configure script may be executed from the ImageMagick source directory (e.g ./configure) or from a seperate build directory by specifying the full path to configure (e.g. /src/ImageMagick-6.0.2/configure). The advantage of using a seperate build directory is that multiple ImageMagick builds may share the same ImageMagick source directory while allowing each build to use a unique set of options.

    If you are willing to accept configure's default options, and build from within the source directory, type:


    and watch the configure script output to verify that it finds everything that you think it should. If it does not, then adjust your environment so that it does.

    By default,

    make install

    It continues on the webpage if you are interested.

    Otherwise follow the links to the other OS's on the download page
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