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    Hi all,

    Ok, what I'm doing here is using VB.Net to create a point-of-sale program for retail use. Everything is going good until I get to the point of printing out a receipt for the customer. My first thought was to update a pre-made Excel spreadsheet, and use that as a receipt. It works good, however in order for the program to work, the end-user would need to have Excel installed. Since not everyone might have Excel, I'm limited on the customers that can purchase my software.

    My next thought was to use Crystal Reports to generate an invoice, however I've never used Crystal, so I don't even know where to start.

    Can anyone guide me in the right direction with some code samples or maybe some websites that are tailored to making customized invoices/reports so that anyone can install and use this program? Basically my order form consists of some text boxes, a listbox, and a few variables to pass information such as the transaction number, etc.

    Attached is the receipt that I made in Excel. I'd like to make something on the order of this (i.e. the table-style format).

    Thanks in advance,

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