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    tried to get rid of one problem and got another

    at first i was on here and got info on getting rid of the popup aboutblank . and i tried to fallow directions to get rid of the problem but i ended up messing up my computer, now when i try to click on a link anywhere i get the new window but my computer wont put the address in it so the computer just keeps searching .naturaly nothing ever comes up .can some one give me a clew on how i can fix this. by the way i still get those about blank popups. but guess i could live with that . but it is a hassle clicking and not getting anywhere. thanks Ken

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    Ken This is a forum for databases not really fixing a computer. That pop up deal is a virus --- a nasty one. My suggestion is go to your local computer specialist shop and let them deal with it. Or buy a brand new version of virus software. Such as McAfee or Norton. If you have Norton now buy McAfee and vis versa.

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