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    Unanswered: Installation of (i RAC


    I am trying to configure 9i RAC for our databases. We are using netapps filers which we want to use instead of oracle cluster file systems.

    When i am launching OUI (tried both and, i am not seeing any option for cluster manager installation..

    Can anybody of you tell me how can i install Oracle cluster manager?? Which release version of oracle / patch allows me to install OCM?

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    Step 6. Configure Cluster Manager

    Cluster Manager maintains the status of the nodes and the
    Oracle instances across the cluster and runs on each node
    of the cluster.

    As user root or oracle, go to $ORACLE_HOME/oracm/admin on
    each node and create or change the cmcfg.ora and the
    ocmargs.ora files according to Listing 1.

    Be sure that the HostName in the cmcfg.ora file is correct
    for the machine that is, node 1 has a file that contains
    node1, and node 2 has a file that contains node2.

    Before starting the database, make sure the Cluster Manager
    software is running. For convenience’s sake, add Cluster
    Manager to the rc script. As user root on each node,
    set up the Oracle environment variables (source

    cd $ORACLE_HOME/oracm/bin

    The file is an Oracle-provided sample startup
    script that starts both the Watchdog daemon and Cluster Manager.
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