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    Angry Unanswered: Select Tables????????


    I am quite new to this, just wanted to know...

    I have a group of tables, and I would like to use a select query(or any way it can be done) to give me a list of the tables which contain a certain value anywhere in the table, or in a specific column within the table.

    So, if I have a table for each of 10 people named by the persons name. And in each table is a list of cars that this person owns. How would I ask MySQL which people own a porche?


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    show how your tables are laid out and give an example of what you have tried and failed to get working.

    Also anywhere in a table and in a specific column is two entirely different things. the latter is much easier to do. the former can be done but not witout naming all the columns and what criteria would be met in those columns.

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    I'm a newbie but wouldn't it be something like

    SELECT ownername FROM carclubtable WHERE car=$cartype;

    That's my guess, anyway, but you'll end up with 5 Jonathans if Jonathan owns 5 porsches.

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