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    Unanswered: Migration from SQL Server to Oracle

    Dear all !

    Pls help me in migrating my
    Sql Server database to Oracle.
    Any tool is available ?

    I tried from Sql Server's export to Oracle...but it did not converted field length. eg Column named 'PrftAmt' has datatype 'int' and size '4' in SqlServer
    but after export in oracle it became as 'Number' datatype without any sizelength. In this way, it can store any datavalues which is not correct in present context of application.

    So please help me to get me any tool which solves this kind of problem....

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can build that SQL scripts from SQLServer, change them around to Oracle (so that you have the sizes). Create the tables in Oracle, then
    use Oracle's hetergenous services to create a link from Oracle to SQLServer and insert into oracletable select * from sqlserver@dblink..

    ... I'm not sure if DTS could be used, but worth checking out ... Maybe create an ODBC connection to Oracle, then DTS from SQLServer to Oracle...


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