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    Unanswered: Restore Oracle DB (8.1.7/W2K): Not Urgent

    Please forgive this really dumb question: how do I restore an Oracle database that I have backed up using the Online backup process?

    I have an Oracle 8.1.7 database running on a W2K server (SP4). I have implemented a hot (online) backup process using batch files. I took an existing script written by Fossi and then adapted it and modified it based on readings from the Oracle 9i DBA Handbook (Oracle Press).

    The process basically does:
    Backup SYSTEM tablespace
    Backup RBS tablespace
    Backup DATA tablespace (actual files determined dynamically)
    Backup INDEXES tablespace (actual files determined dynamically)
    Backup TEMP tablespace
    Backup control file

    I still have to add a process to copy the archived redo logs (I just noted this from the Oracle 9i book).

    Now the time has come for me to test my ability to recover the database (this is being done on a separate box in our Sandbox environment).

    What do I have to do? I'm guessing that I can just copy all of the files that were backed up to their original directories and then restart the service. Is that correct? How then, do I recover to a particular point in time.

    I'm sorry for such an ignorant question. I have looked in the Oracle 9i DBA book, but it seems to emphasize using RMAN and/or OEM (neither of which do I have).

    Thanks in advance,

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    You can stop the database, copy the "backup" file(s) over the files that
    are "live", start the database (mounted), and recover .. alter database recover ....

    You will be recovering from the archive logs since that "hot" backup ... You MUST have those archive logs in order to recover !!!

    You can do a point-in-time recovery or a full recovery ... whatever the situation is ...


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