I have an employee allocation form that uses a combo box from a field list to indicate 'visited' locations on regular calls.

The employee will periodically fill out the 'client' card and then choose the location of that particular store/mall location from a combo list. The field list contains about 9 different locations that show up in the table.

On the occasion, I would like to total up the different locations for use in a quarterly marketing report. So I want to list the locations with the frequencies of the visits by all the employees.

Which is the best way to do this?

Do a one-off MSQuery or can I find a simple way of aggregating this information in a set report. This is best because someone less familar with ACCESS/databases might be called upon to draw up this information from time to time?

I want the information to be:
Mall A = 2 total (20%)
Mall B = 4 total (40%)
Mall C = 4 total (40%)
TOTAL = 10

I have done a few things but all that happens is the List simply prints out the field names and doesn't total the whole data list list?