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    Question Unanswered: Oracle Form 9i Running Problem

    Hello Experts,

    I am running Oracle9i and Oracle Form Developer 9i From my Data server
    whih.Samle Url is --

    "http://w2k-server:8888/forms90/f90servlet?form=C:\myForms\Dept.fmx&userid=SCOTT/TIGER@mhz&buffer_records=NO&debug_messages=NO&arra y=YES&query_only=NO&quiet=NO&RENDER=YES"

    Pls have a look here i my fmx file is saved is "C:\myForms\Dept.fmx"
    Now if i can put the fmx file in the "C:\Dev9i\Bin\Dept.fmx"

    then the Url will be like "........form=Dept.fmx............" [ No need to Specify path ]

    Now i want to Save all my Form in a directory not in "Bin" directory and i also want to not pecify any path in the URL. How can i do it? Pls Someone Help.Its an urgent

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    Edit FORMS90_PATH in your registry; simply add a folder you want to keep your forms in. Use semicolon ( ; ) to separate values.
    For example,

    c:\orahome\bin; c:\yourfolder\forms
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