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    Unanswered: Need help with query...

    I am trying to create a query that generates a basic report.

    The data is task data, it contains task, sub-tasks, hours, cost, etc.
    I have created a view that contains the data I will be needing.

    ** I have attached a .txt file with the format I need the data to be in also. **

    Each task name and sub task name is listed only once and not for each row.

    I could format the data within my code but I'd rather return a query with the data formatted the way I need it.

    Any ideas? The areas I am having most problems with are with adding up sub-tasks and sub-sub-tasks (hours, cost, and items). The hours, and costs are broken down by task, sub-task, and sub-sub-task.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Can I get a list of the raw table structure we are pulling from?

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    This is a FORMATTING issue. Query Analyzer is not a user interface, and SQL Server is not a report generator. You can spend hours creating a hairy-ass procedure to do this, and you can doom some poor slob to days of work trying to figure out the procedure when it needs to be modified next year, or you can create it quickly and easily in a reporting interface such as Access, Crystal reports, or even Excel.

    Hmmm....what shall we do....?
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

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    Hmmmm...I think we need to write a "hairy-ass procedure" and then demand ransom for maintaining it
    "The data in a record depends on the Key to the record, the Whole Key, and
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    [QUOTE=errodr]I could format the data within my code but I'd rather return a query with the data formatted the way I need it.[QUOTE]

    As you can see I realize that this is a formatting issue, and in an ideal world I would use report software, however I do not have access to such software. I just thought that someone here might have some experience with this type of data formatting.

    Thanks anyway...

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