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    Question Unanswered: Pervasive/Daceasy under Redhat Linux?

    I have an question I thought I may get answered here. I have always used RedHat Linux for my gaming servers but recently bought a new server as a file server for my office.
    I have been using it for basic file storage but would like to use it to serve the files for my accounting program. I use Dac Easy ver10 Accounting software which is primarily a windows software, this in itself is no problem as I wish to only use my Linux box to serve up the files, not run them.
    However when I was running a few tests i noticed it was actually quite slow, after further investigation I found that DacEasy uses a pervasive Database, now linux (My File Server) doesnt have that.. I am thinking that may be what is wrong, can anyone offer some input on this? Do I need pervasive on the Server? Especially given that the workstations are running it? Does Linux support Pervasive? Will I risk file corruption by not running it? ANy workarounds or information greatly appreciated.


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    jep, would be better if you Linux box would be a 'real' Pervasive database server. I cannot promise that your software will run if it detetcts that the data is maintained by a Linux/Unix server engine, contact your vendor for more information. Is it safe? Yes, we run a couple of Linux / Pervasive servers (Debian and Gentoo) in house and at some customer sites.


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