We have UDB v8.1 and W2000.

In the active directory of the domain controller I have defined:
- Group: GRPPERS
- user: PETER as a member of GRPERS

In the Server UDB I gave privileges to user PETER

grant all on table PE.PETLPER to GRPERS;

connect to DBPERS user PETER using pwpeter;
select * from PE.PETLPER

SQL0551N The DB server says the user PETER doesn't have privilege to select this table. I have defined this group and the user in the control center for this database where is not possible associate this user to the group. Only to assign privileges to DB2 objects.
I aggregated this user (PETER) to the group defined in the group GRPERS in the active directory DB2, but DB2 doesn't understand this information

I don't want to give explicit privileges to each user, only to the group. Is that possible?.

I have defined the user and the group in the server UBD too as user local, but doesn't work.

Thanks in advance.