I am facing following error SQL Statement: SMIChannel.on_crads22_tcp
20040709113126 -402 Address of a host variable is NULL.
20040709113126 Review the way the program constructs the sqlda and related data
20040709113126 structures; somehow it is setting up a null pointer. The error might be
20040709113126 caused by using a row or collection host variable without having executed
20040709113126 the necessary ALLOCATE statement.
20040709113126 If the program is in IBM Informix 4GL or another language in which the sqlda
20040709113126 is not constructed directly by the program, or if this statement refers only
20040709113126 to host variables by name, this error should not occur. If the error
20040709113126 recurs, note all circumstances and contact Technical Support at tsmail@us.ibm.com.

I am using one database monitoring tool from which i am getting this error.Actully I am not aware why this error is coming as application is running smoothly

Also can any one tell meaning of this error correctly.Also Why this error comes ?