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    Unanswered: Minutes to Hours and Mins

    i have to convert, minutes into hours and minutes,to work out average stops per stoppage. how can i do this please.

    i have tried dividing my minute by 60 but then get silly answers:


    my field name is called :


    416 minutes divided by 60 = 6.9333333 hours

    but really this is 6 hours and 56 mins

    how can i get the correct figure .


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    Maybe you can use a trim to the right of the decmal. Then take that then multply by 60 and make it so the decimal points to that is 0. So when you do 60*.9333333= 55.8 When decimal points is zero i assume it would go to 56...

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    This is real easy if you know what to use. You need both integer division and the modulo functions.

    1. \ is integer division (don't confuse with /). It gives you everything on the left of the decimal.

    ex. 416\60 = 6

    2 mod (modulo) is the remainder.

    ex. 416 mod 60 = 56

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