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    Unanswered: can't use delete query

    When I try to use the delete feature in a query, I get an error message that states "INSERT, DELETE, CHANGE TO and SET rows may not be checked". Can anyone tell me why?

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    Additional Comments

    I'm using Paradox 7. I tried this on another computer with Paradox 10 and didn't get the error message.

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    There is no reason to check fields in these types of queries because you are always dealing with whole records for those functions. You can still set delimeters in the fields, just don't check them.

    On edit: I don't know why you do not get the error in Pdox 10, perhaps a change was made and the checks in fields are simply ignored.
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    Delete Queries . . .

    What I do is first select a new query and place my "selection info" in the fields that I want to flag for deletion. Run the query.

    Then I look at the answer.db table to see if it is correct.

    Then I select "Delete" from the far left section of the query, UnCheck ALL fields but leave my "selection info" and run the Delete Query.

    Then, before I do anything else I look in the :PRIV: folder for the Deleted.db and see if it is correct. If it is not then I use "Tools" "Copy" "Deleted" and point to the original table and replace the deleted data back to it's original table and start over again.

    Otherwise if it's correct you have succeeded!

    Hope this helps. Rick

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