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    Unanswered: Index tablespace exceeds data tablespace

    Is it possible for the index tablespace to exceed the data tablespace?

    We are working with some consultants who are allowed to play with data in our DEV database. I was looking over the amount of space that's being used up in our datafiles, and in every situation but one, the data tablespace is larger than the index tablespace (each application has it's own data and index tablespace).

    Should this larger index tablespace be of extreme concern (220Mb-index, 143Mb-data), or should I await the move to TEST to see if the same anomaly is present?


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    There's a lot or variables there, but remember ... when you delete rows from an index, they are just marked for delete.... They are not actually deleted until you rebuild that index....

    Check to see what is in the index tablespace (you may find that there are
    tables in there instead on indexes)

    sql> select tablespace_name,count(*) from user_tables group by tablespace_name;

    select segment_name,sum(bytes) from dba_extents where tablespace_name = 'tablespacename' group by segment_name order by
    sum(bytes) desc;


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