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    Question Unanswered: Sending data from a query to a table in this possible???

    heey everyone,

    I need some help sorting out data. I have 1 query returning 100+ results and i need to split that query up and save it into 2 access tables. how can i go about doing this?

    I have 2 ideas..neither of which i know how to implement exactly ( thats where i need your help, unless you can think of a better way to do this...)

    1) create a auto numbered main table put the results of the query in that table. have 2 other tables where the first takes 1-85, and the second takes 86-120 directly from a main table


    2)have the SQL statement send the data to the 2 tables using somthing like INSERT somehow..

    If anyone can help me out Id highly appreciate it.


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    Are the structure of the two tables same? Then try the following
    Select top 100 from the table and insert them into the first table
    Select rest of the records from the table and insert them into the second table


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    SELECT TOP 100
    INSERT INTO table name

    is this what you mean ? its not quite working for me, im putting that after the statement which fetches my 100+ results

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    Select top 100 * Into newTable1 from oldTable where key NOT IN (select top 50 key from oldTable)
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