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    Unanswered: How-to insert images into container fields

    Hi Guys!!!

    Need help figuring how to insert an image from anywhere on my c drive for example and copying-it into a container field.

    Then I would like to have access,via script, to that image.

    Lets say I've got a database with 12 containers(images).
    First, how do I assign a picture to those containers.

    Second, from another database, I would like to get one of those 12 images, and copy-it to another container feild on the main layout of that DB.

    Can this be done, Im a newbe at FMP 6, used to work with Access. So there's a few things,like working with images, that are still confusing to me..

    Any help will be greatly appreciated...

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    Never mind guys, just figured-it out. Lot easier then I tought.

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    FileMaker tends to be that way... easy to do and/or easy to figure out... Everyone who used to use Access a little (not the Access experts, though) thinks FileMaker is really awesome (easy/powerful/fast).

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    There are several sample files that can show you how to do this, but let be reccomend that you download the demo version of Troi File. It includes an Image Catalog sample that is pretty good. In this day and age, you can preform most the of the functionality shown with the Troi File plug-in

    For reading your post, it sounds like you may also benefit from learning about portals. Studying the sample should help. There is no need to copy a container for one file to another- although it can be done quite easily, it is far better to create a relationship to that photo so that your database doesn't contain repetitve data which will bloat the size of your database.

    I would also study the 'link as reference' option when importing new images...



    Joe King
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