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    Unanswered: Wicked Newbie Q- understanding relationships

    I'm having a problem understanding relationships- or maybe db's in general.
    I'm fairly new to access (relearning- again) and am using access2000.

    Here's a breakdown of what I have and what I'm trying-

    1 'Company' table, with text fields primarily. Have ID fields (number type) for those to relate to another tables fields.

    CompanyID- Autonum- Primary Key
    CompanyName- text
    t1testID- number
    t2testID- number
    t3testID- number

    3 'Test' tables with boolean fields (Yes/No) and ID fields to relate to the appropriate 'Company' field

    t1testID- AutoNum- Primary Key
    test1- y/n
    test2- y/n
    test3- y/n

    t2testID- AutoNum- Primary Key

    t3testID- AutoNum- Primary Key

    On the forms-
    I've been using button controls on the 'Company' form to do an 'open form' for testtables t1, t2 and t3 (1 button per form open).

    When the testable (t1, t2 or t3) form opens, I choose the checkboxes I want, but these don't seem to associate or relate to the company records entered. That is, I'll fill in the company form, and then hit a button to open form t1testtable. I'll populate t1testtable (and/or t2 and t3). Then, if I progress to the next 'Company' record, the testtable values don't follow the company.

    FYI- Each company record will have data from t1testtable, t2testtable and t3testtable. HOWEVER, the t1testtable, t2testtable and t3testtable tables will only have 1 record (each) for that company (for a total of up to 3 records, if t1, t2 and t3 are all populated.)

    Maybe my thinking approach is off kilter a bit?

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    ditch the testtable ids off the company table and attach company id to all your test tables.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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