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Thread: Access DB kaput

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    Unanswered: Access DB kaput

    Am using Access XP with separate code and data modules. The code module has badly lost its way growing in size from ~30meg to to ~50meg and crashes & burns. The system was functional, but after a small code change failed to save properly and brought up the dreaded "Access has to close" message . "Repair and compact" does not resolve the situation. Suggestions on how to recover code will be VERY gratefully recieved.

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    Open new .mdb Acce$$ file copy all your objects to it. Run your system. HOpe it functions

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    try /decompile

    If everything else fails, decompile the db using the command line
    ....msaccess.exe /decompile full_path_and_name_of_yourdatabase.mdb

    Take care:
    As far as i know, /decompile is an undocumented function. No guarantee from Microsoft. Use at your own risk. However it worked fine for me in the past.

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