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    I just started trying to teach myself Visual Basic and already I have encountered my first problem. I have the following script for a data validation dropdown:

    With Range("b9:d9").Validation
    .Add xlValidateList, xlValidAlertStop, xlBetween, "=AK3:AK6"
    .InCellDropdown = True
    End With

    Now I want to fill the dropdown with values from cells on another sheet. My guess was that I could simply change the second line into

    .Add xlValidateList, xlValidAlertStop, xlBetween, "=Sheet1!AK3:AK6"

    but this doesn't work. I have tried numerous other formats as well, but without success. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    I don't think cell validation can be done with referance to cell in different sheets, but in you can then someone out there will know!


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    hope it helps

    If you go to the help in excel and type in: enter in data in a cell from a list you specify. That will explain what you need to know. It will change with the cells that you have selected. So you don't have to worry if the data in the list is being changed.

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    Thanks! That's pretty much what I was looking for.

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