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    Unanswered: Configuring of Free BSD

    Hello everyone,

    Can you help me how to make a prog, using vb, that will limit the users (computer users) from surfing prohibited sites!??

    Thaks in advance!!! More Power!!!
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    Why do you need to make a program to do this. Just block the IP address of the site in your Firewall. Some firewalls will access a file for a list of IP address to block and you could access that file to write addresses into it with a VB program but you will need to talk to your Firewall software company on the details of doing this.

    Sorry I could not help but there are lots of firewall softwares out there and there is no way of knowing wich one you are using.

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    Thanks for your reply...

    Yes, we have firewall, Free BSD. But I dont know how to configure it!?

    Is there anyone out there who can teach me???

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