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    Unanswered: Help! Help! Programming a button control to copy data to another form?

    I'm banging my head against a wall after trying to figure out a way to program a button control's on 'click function' to retrieve data from an edit box on a subform and transfer it to another edit box on a main form, which is related to a different table.

    The full story....

    I have designed a 'Data Capture' table to accommodate all my required fields.

    I have set up two tables both populated with comments in called Positive comments and negative comments, I want to insert the comments from these tables in to the relevant fields of the 'Data capture' table by using the controls on three forms.

    Only one comment would be selected at a time (from a selection of 6 potential comments) and only either a positive or negative comment could be selected for insertion in to the relevant fields on the 'Data capture' table. The comments can be quite lengthy (requiring word wrapping) so I believe edit box controls would be the best choice to display the comments.

    To achieve this I have done the following:

    Created a form based on the 'Data Capture' table with a combo box control located at the top of the 'Selection/Confirm' form when data is selected from the combo box control it calls up relevant data in the edit box control located directly below.

    I have also placed two button controls (captioned 'Positive comments' and 'Negative comments') on the same form (Selection/Confirm, these button controls transfer the user to one of two 'Picking' forms (1xpositve and 1xnegative), both of the 'Picking' forms are sub-forms that are based on the positive and negative tables.

    The 'Picking' form also has a combo box control from where I can tap on a selection of entries and related comments appear in the six edit box controls directly beneath it.

    How do I program (using sql) the controls to?

    I'd like to program the six 'Select' button controls on the 'Picking form' to take the data displayed in the adjacent edit box control and insert it in to the edit control box located near the bottom of the 'Selection/Confirm' form, I would also like the selection button to transfer the users view back to the 'Selection/Confirm' form (Image-4).

    Finally I would like to be program the a 'Next' button control to open a new record and so start the process again.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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