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    Unanswered: Enabling ARCHIVELOG Mode at service startup

    Greetings again.

    I'm running Oracle 8.1..6 on Windows 2000.

    In doing a bit more research on Archivelog mode, I know what entries to make in the parameters file to enable automatic archiving and I know what entries to make to set up the the destination folder and format the name of the archived log files. But all the reading I have done (about archived logs), starts with, "Assuming your database is already in ARCHIVELOG mode..."

    I know how to set the database in Archivelog mode when I start it manually from the console, but how do I ensure that the ARCHIVELOG mode persists even after someone has to reboot the server?

    Does this require a script or is it an entry in some initialization file?


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    Connect as any user with SYSDBA privs (i.e., connect sys as sysdba) and issue the command ARCHIVE LOG LIST; This will show all you need to know.

    If your database is not yet in archivelog mode, you must startup mount and issue command ALTER DATABASE ARCHIVELOG;
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    To enable the DB to run in archive log mode, put the following parameter in the init.ora file:
    archive_log = TRUE
    You have also to add the archive_los_dest = '/directory' (check the syntax for Ora816).


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    connect / as sysdba
    shutdown immediate
    startup mount
    alter database archivelog
    alter system archive log start
    alter database open
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