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    Exclamation Unanswered: Networked Access Database

    I'm tearing out my hair with this one!

    For the past year, I've had a 8 user database set up with individual front ends (Access 2000) connected to a single back end (Access 2000) with no problems whatsoever.

    Now, (since the creation of another similar database on the same server - coincidence?) the back end creates the "unrecognised database format" type of error message and requires compacting/repairing.

    I've ensured there are no links between the two databases, checked record locking and a million other things - but it still falls over. This may be coincidental but it has happened when a ctrl f search has been used in a particular field.

    Is it because our users have
    a. suddenly become stupid
    b. got two databases open on the same machine.

    Or is it the pathetic server we are using is finally giving in to the increased load.

    Any/all advice gratefully appreciated

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    I have experienced the same problem with a database I had. I don't know that it was one thing or another that was causing it, but it definitely was related to the physical size of the database. It was happening to me in 97 and the database was always around 700Mb to 1 Gb. When I found ways to get the size smaller (archiving objects and compacting) the problem seemed to go away. Since then I have redesinged the database to be in several different files. Breaking out large tables into dbs of their own, and splitting functionality into related databases.

    Another thing I recall is that if a user aborted an action by forcing the database to close while it was updating or deleting, it would almost always corrupt the database. An impatient user could be the problem.

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    How big is your back end db. There is no question that you can have as many db as you like on a server and all db are independant of each other unless you specifically use each other's object (either linking or through vba).

    Have you tried creating a new db and importing all the objects from the old one?

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    Thanks to you both for your input.

    The back end db is only 20MB and I regularly archive off (monthy) our completed jobs. It has 20 updatable tables, that I import job details from excel spreadsheet based order forms using a macro.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that one of our users has decided (against my "advice") to open the front end and back end on his machine at the same time and is quitting by closing Access directly - as opposed to database first.

    Any further ideas gratefully received.

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