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    Question Unanswered: Crystal 9 Stored Proc problem ?

    I've come accross a very peculiar problem with Crystal 9.
    I used stored procedures from a SQL Server DB to query info for my reports. I have made a change to the stored proc and inside Crystal I refreshed the stored proc through the menu item Database -> Set Datasource Location.

    However, after doing this my stored proc results change in the Field Explorer !
    Before it returned a few strings, numbers and date/time variables. However, after doing this refresh the 1st variable is correct but now everything else that is returned has been assigned numbers !
    I assure you the stored proc has not changed its output.
    For some reason Crystal is changing the results on me.

    Has anyone else seen this ? Is there a fix for this ?


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    Still having this problem. Perhaps I should explain further.

    Originally my stored proc returns 8 fields inwhich the input parm is a number:
    Field1 (number)
    Field2 (string)
    Field3 (string)
    Field4 (datetime)
    Field5 (number)
    Field6 (string)
    Field7 (datetime)
    Field8 (datetime)

    I made a slight changed to the stored proc's input parm to varchar. I then refresh my Crystal Report and now the Database Fields look like this:

    Field1 (string)
    Field2 (number)
    Field3 (number)
    Field4 (number)
    Field5 (number)
    Field6 (number)
    Field7 (number)
    Field8 (number)

    So, of course my output doesn't show because they're all the WRONG type.
    How or why did all these field formats change on me ? I swear I didn't change the stored proc to display different formats.

    Hopefully someone out there has seen this and can help me.

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