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    Unanswered: Use TOP with UNION


    I just found out that I can do an ORDER BY clause on entire records set retrieve from a query that combines several sub queries with UNION from different tables with the same structure... so this is great to know, BTW, is this a new feature of MSSQL 2K ? I don't recall being able to do this in MSSQL 7 or 6.5.

    Anyway, the main question is, can I use the TOP command in a query that has UNION in it?? Meaning, there are two queries (or more) from two tables (or more) and I need to fetch the top 10 records by an ORDER BY clause from the combined results, when I try to add each sub query TOP 10 the results are not correct at all, when I try to add TOP 10 only to the first query hoping that the analyzer will refer to the whole query, it's selecting TOP 10 from the first query and combines it with all the records from the others...

    So, can anyone help? I hope the problem is understood.

    Thank you,
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    Select TOP 10
    ...) Subquery
    order by YourColumn
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    6.5 had it implemented in SP3.
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