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    Unanswered: Forms Getting value from table

    I have a problem with a form I have created. My form I created so that there are 4 levels of menus, so after the first menu selection a query on that menu would be run and the results would be in the combo box of the second, and the results of the second in the third, and the results of the third in the fourth. The first, second and third combo box selections are not saved, however the fourth is. The form works well for new records, but my problem here is when I create a record with that form, then I close the form and open it again, since the fourth combobox is relying on the previous three without regard to the data already entered, it doesnt show what was entered. How do I have the data displayed by default if there is a record already there, and have it blank and have the form comboboxes work the way I want them to if there is no record? Thanks

    Here is code I thought might work for me, but doesnt...maybe someone can tell me if I am on the right track?

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    Is the data from the fourth combobox stored in a table? One solution may be to store the data from comboxes 1, 2, 3 in the same table.

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