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    Exclamation Unanswered: SQL2025N An I/O error "11" occurred on media "VENDOR"

    I am trying to restore a backup taken on my production machine to my
    disaster recovery server. When I initiate my BMC SQL-Backtrack recovery I
    receive the below error. Also in the db2diag.log I get the Media
    controller error. I would appreciate any help!!!!

    SQL2025N An I/O error "11" occurred on media "VENDOR"

    Media controller -- Failed to init vendor device after end of media warning

    DB2 UDB 7.2 fp11 - AIX 5.1

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    Have you right access permission on media ?

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    To the best of my knowledge I do. I chmod the backup dataset to 777 to eliminate that as a possible problem. Are there other system level priviledges that I should be concerned with?

    If I take a back up from the same server and restore that to a different instance it works fine. I tried that just for kicks.

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