I have a listbox1 in a spreadsheet which contains multiples sheet ranging from Sheet4 to Sheet10. All these sheets contain values in C4, D4 and E4. I want to create a listbox that will contain these values where column 1, 2 and 3 contains titles either picked up from the spreadsheet or added to the listbox from the initialization process. Then the values are added in this order from sheet4 :
column 1, row 1 contains C4; Column 2, row1 contains D4; column3, row1 contains E4.
then column1, row2 contains from sheet5, column2, row2, contains D4; column 3, row2 contains E4... and on and on.

I tried to accomplish this task by using Insert, Name and then Define, but that does not work for this listbox for multiple sheets. It only works for a single sheet. Can this be done? Is so, perhaps some pointers or code examples could point me in the right directions.