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Thread: Doubt in Index

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    Unanswered: Doubt in Index

    Hi EverB,

    I have created a table say T1 with 5 columns (col1......col5).
    I have created an index on col4 and col5.

    iam executing a select query say.

    select col1,col2,col3 from t1 where col1 =0;

    In the above query i hav not used the columns for which i hav created the index.My ques is-

    Does the index really works when u execute the above query?

    Any answer please.........
    It wuld be better if u culd suggest some sites for this.

    Thanks and Regds,

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    no, for that query, the index is ignored

    a good tutorial is Optimizing your MySQL Application even if you're using something other than mysql | @rudydotca
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